No, seriously

Zane’s been having a blast the past few days since his dog buddy, Tucker is visiting. Tucker’s already gone through one infant and was probably hoping to spend his remaining years recovering. No chance! Zane breaks out laughing whenever he sees Tucker and crawls, cruises, or walks over to play with his hair and try to catch the wagging tail. Tucker’s one consolation is that he gets to clean the high chair when Zane is done eating … the very same high chair he used to clean for his “boy” Tyler.

Zane has been walking quite a bit and yet not really walking. It’s not uncommon to find him standing up without holding something for balance. He’ll also forget himself and walk short distances, say to Tucker. Sometimes when he purposely tries to walk he forgets to turn his feet the same direction as his body wants to go, stumbles, and ends up crawling anyways. Overall he still prefers crawling even though walking seems to be sneaking up on him.

Speaking of walks, here’s an oddity. We live at the intersection of three roads. Most of the time we take the Daisy hill leg when going on walks. The other choices are the dirt road and Cross road, which leads to a nice little pond. During the last six months or year that Zeke was with us he became more and more set against walking down Cross road, often stopping and sitting within a hundred feet of the house. This was a bummer because that’s the way I usually walked to work and it could take an extra ten minutes to convince him to keep going. We never figured out why he did this.

The reason I mention it is because Zane is doing the same thing. Either of the other two roads is fine for a walk, but head down Cross road and he starts crying and trying to turn around. Maybe there’s a high pitched sound only dogs and babies can hear?