No Blanket Policy

Zane’s vocabulary has really been blossoming these days. He’ll say something and not quite get it right one day, like “want big more juice” and the next day will have it down pat, “want LOT more snuggling!” Last night as I was getting a bedtime snack out for him (pumpkin muffin!) I told him to let Raz in and call for the cat. He opened the door, Raz came in, and then Zane leaned out the door and said, “Oh, Tink! Where are you?”

While reading books I’ve been asking him to spell out the words while we sound them phonetically. STOP he has down pat and words with two o’s, like book, are another favorite as he likes to remind me that two o’s make the “oo” sound. He’s still not much of a blanket guy. Sometimes he’ll let me (or even request to) tuck him in, but by morning it’s on the opposite end of the bed. I even tried to put him in footsie pajamas the other night and once on he started plucking at the foot part, saying “no like!”