Night With The Boys

The Boys

Thanks to Faith for the photo. It’s not the best shot of me (!), but I really like the look on Zane’s face.

Little can you tell, but my hand is covering a belly that is starting to rival the head in the disproportionate size championship! This is all good: more baby, means more reserves, means more sleep. Sleep is good. Zane’s still on the 2 hours or less sleep schedule, which of course means WE are enjoying the same vigorous sleep, wake, eat cycle.

The best part is that he’s a different person each time he wakes up. Maybe not always a happy one, but a different and interesting little creature all the same. Each time he’s a bit more aware, gains a fraction of control over his limbs, and engages with us or his immediate surroundings in a new way. He’s way better than owning a robot.

I’m starting to call him the Big Climbing Baby Head. Put him on your chest and he’ll endeavor to scale the landscape, even if gravity is winning and he loses elevation with each movement. The big head wavers in the air as feet and hands work to propel it upward and forward, grunting with exertion the whole while. He also puts on a mighty impressive show of trying to crawl when put down on his belly.

Zane likes being sung to. I know tons of songs but I don’t know them well, so he’ll be treated to a chorus here, a catchy hook over here, a little whistling or humming, but rarely a complete song from start to finish. I’m pretty sure we need the new iPhone so I can carry around lots of music with a web browser to pull up lyrics on demand, no matter where in the house or yard we may be. Yeah, that’s it, think of the baby!

p.s. please pass on your song suggestions in the comments. Anything from modern stuff to old folk tunes. Even better if you have a web link for the song/lyrics…thanks!

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