Nice Eye Balls

I had to go back to the house and pick something up for work yesterday afternoon and Zane decided he needed to go to work too. So off we went, with a collection of his toys to hopefully keep him occupied. Since our company makes both software and hardware we have a few potentially dangerous things lying around, either tools or exposed electronics, which makes it important to always keep an eye on him. After going around to everyone and showing them his big trains he settled down for almost a half hour of playing with trains and magnets. Total focus, Dad gets lots of work done. After that was over there was nothing to hold his attention. He played with all of the juggling balls, compact flash cards, and eventually reached total crazy kid stage. Faith suspects this stage is a harbinger of him needing a nap. Whatever it is, there’s no keeping him from purposely making a mess of things and doing everything you tell him not to do: with feeling! He’ll look you right in the eye after telling him NO and then do whatever it was even more vigorously.

That was the end of work. We went to the grocery store where he got a free sample of ice cream (maybe not a good idea) and a free banana and then sat in the bottom of the cart while I piled groceries on him and he made sound effects. We got home and he was even more wired, needing to go immediately to the sandbox. That’s one of his key phrases these days, “need.” Zane “needs” lots of things. He also says “what does XYZ do?” so much I’m not even sure he’s really asking a question anymore. Some kids say “why?” and Zane says “What’s it do?” Let me tell you, it’s not easy answering questions like, “what does green do?”, “what does listen to your mommy and daddy do?”, and “what does no do?”