New Year Movie

New Year Movie

Better later than never, I suppose, here’s a short movie with various clips from the end of last year and the first few days of this year.

Last night was Zane’s first full night of sleep. Faith said that it’s been getting tougher the last week to wake him up for his last feeding around eleven, so we decided to try skipping it altogether to see if he’d make it through the night. Well, he did and he didn’t. His Mom stayed up until almost 1am, watching a movie and listening to see if he was going to wake up. His Dad woke up at three and wandered the house, perhaps responsible for Zane waking up and making some chirping and “hey, maybe I’m hungry” sounds before falling back asleep. He made a few more noises after four, fell back to sleep, chirp, then sleep. We know this because I didn’t fall back to sleep at all, instead wandering the darkened halls of the house like a haunted spirit of warming milk bottles.

I finally went in at 5:30 and fed him. Faith woke up around that time, too, fumbling for water and an early bowl of cereal. So, yeah, he slept through the night and perhaps this is a repeatable event, one without his parents obsessing over.