New Shoe Blues

Our Saturday out was something of a bust this time. I’d downloaded the maps and schedules for our local free transit, thinking Zane would love an hour trip around the valley in a bus. The part that wasn’t on the schedule, but instead was at the top of the page I grabbed them off of, was that they only operate Mon-Fri. Thanks to the postman who wandered by and let us know.

So we went browsing bikes for a while (Zane: “Bike”, “Bike”, “Bike”, “Bike”, “Bike”) and then walked over to the Shoetorium. They’d supposedly were or had gone out of business, the owner retiring. But the sign showed them opening in a couple minutes and there were “Sale!” signs in the window. Another dad was waiting for them to open with his one year old son, so Zane and joined them in a father/son shoe expedition.

I’d been wanting to get shoes for a few weeks. His hand-me-downs and even some new ones I’d bought him didn’t have very good traction, causing Zane to wipe out a bit on the playground’s bridge. So, what the heck, we got his feet measured and tried out a pair. They fit nicely, had very good traction, and were high quality (as opposed to the *mart shoes I’d bought last year) so I decided to buy them. Uh, without first asking about the price. Yikes! Almost as much as new shoes for me. I’ll put it down to higher quality, supporting the local economy, and hope that his feet don’t go through a sudden growth spurt in the coming months.

Oh, they also took a polaroid of “Zane’s first shoe purchase” and gave it to us. Yes, someone still has a polaroid, shown below.

New shoes on-feet we headed over to a brand new playground. It was a cool and cloudy day so there were hardly any people around. Zane’s new shoes seemed to give him new abilities, he was able to climb the new playground gear all by himself: up the stairs, through the esophagus (I think it’s a dinosaur?) tunnel, over a raised platform and then down the curly slide all by himself. We even worked on him walking up the stairs since they had bars to help support him. He still is under the impression that crawling is the fastest method to take on stairs and we aren’t in a huge hurry to convince him otherwise.