New Neighbors!

Not sure how well he’s seeing through the binoculars. Zane gets more of a kick turning them around and looking at the dog, “Raz is tiny!”

Lessee, as we head into the third month of the year we are doing so with Zane having gained a little weight. He’s right on the verge of 28lbs, which is a full two pounds heavier than he was over the holidays. As for height, well, everyone says he looks much taller, but the top line on our wall is still around his height (maybe a bit higher), so either that line was when he was wearing shoes and he IS taller, the wall is growing, or he’s shrinking.

Lots of talking, lots of trying to get his dad to play with him 24×7. No, really. The other night he wasn’t feeling very well and had a slight fever. He woke up every couple of hours crying. Faith took care of him the first two times and I went to comfort him around 2am. Totally inconsolable. He didn’t stop crying until I carried him out of his room and went downstairs, into the cooler spare room. I laid him down and went to cover him and he jumped up, held his hands out and exclaimed, “Daddy, jump on bed?!”