Needs a Haircut...

Zane had a play date with Jonah yesterday, but he wasn’t coming over until 10:30 … what to do with all of that spare time?? Well, in addition to the typical running all over the house like a maniac, I thought I’d try and get him to do some drawing. Here, let’s draw a face, I said, and we proceeded to have me draw a shape and then he did the same thing. At one point the figures even had little piggy tails coming out of their heads, which he thought was very funny. I drew whiskers on mine and then he said that the drawings looked like us. I took off the piggy tail, drew hair, then said that I needed a haircut. He rustled around for something and eventually handed me an eraser and said, “here you go”.

Shortly after he removed the piggy tail from his head because “I am not a pig.”

He and Jonah tore up the inside and outside of the house for almost four hours. It’s interesting how their playing with this Hoberman Sphere has evolved over the years. First it was kind of scary because it changed sizes. Then it was interesting and scary because you could crawl inside. Now it’s something else entirely. Surprisingly it held up to two boys bouncing around the house while inside of it.