Multifaceted Expressions

Zane after I asked him to show me his teeth. Normally I don’t get shots from this perspective (across the table) because he has really stringent rules for who sits where and when.

Faith’s birthday was this weekend. On Saturday Zane and I headed out to go shopping.

“Zane, do you want to get a present for your mommy’s birthday?”

“Present for mommy!”

“Where would you like to go?”


So we went to Kohls first, since I really didn’t have any ideas. Zane dutifully told the lady at the cash register that we were here for birthday present store and we then proceeded to run all over the place. Unfortunately I thought to kill two birds with one stone and maybe pick up a pair of pants or two for Zane. Of course they put all of the kids toys right next to the kids clothing and that pretty much killed the shopping for pants idea and even the shopping for Mommy. After extracting him from the toy department he kept insisting that Mommy wanted a truck, or train, for her birthday present and kept trying to make his way back to the toy department.

We also hit Borders, but by then I knew we wouldn’t manage to buy anything. Borders has become one of Zane’s play places. He walks in the door, asks to have his coat removed, and then runs around for the next half hour to an hour. They have toys, they have books, they have a kids section with things to play with (pictured below) and there’s usually a few other kids to bump into or chat with for a few fleeting moments.