Mr. Mischievous

Zane has developed a few personality traits over the past weeks. Some better than others.

First off he’s fully graduated from peek-a-boo to his own form of hide-n-seek, which is more like a blend of the two with more noise and action. We run away from each other and then try to sneak back up on the other. It isn’t much of a sneak since he makes sound effects and squeals. Sometimes, though, he’ll run into a room, push the door closed and make sure it’s shut. You open the door and he’s like, “Oh, hi, I was just sorting some laundry…”

It’s getting harder to put him down for his nap and at night. He squeals, he shouts, he cries, and he conspires. I didn’t even notice it at first but he’s been trying to make me laugh and play with him instead of going to sleep. Today he started saying “Blah” and smiling. Faith taught him that to see if his mouth is full of food, but he figured out the real purpose and gave up on it. He was saying blah, dadda and a whole string of happy babble until I headed for the door and it turned into crying. When I put him to bed at night it’s inevitable that the first try is practice and I’ll be back in five or ten minutes to finish the job.

Yesterday we went to a grocery store and I let Zane walk instead of putting him in a cart. We spent almost fifteen minutes in the produce aisle. He’d get to the end and turn around and head back. After the fourth trip up and down the aisle I steered him towards another department.

We also went out for dinner, just Z and me. The first thing we had to do was to take a few laps around the restaurant. Zane walking proudly, rarely holding my finger for support, and often stopping next to a table to stare at the dinners. “Well hello there!” they’d say, and Zane would move on. Eventually we picked a table with a view, which was good because three teenagers were skate boarding outside and he watched them like a tennis match. The waitress was sweet and helped set things up for my “little man.” Zane ate a big meal and we had fun making faces while nibbling on lemon slices.

The weather has turned colder, leaves are falling, and it looks like Zane has outgrown this jacket. Plenty more to choose from. We also have some snow suits for when the snow starts flying including a new jumpsuit (thanks Grandma Henricksen). I think Janet even passed on some baby snow skis for him to try.