Mr. Chompers

Mr. Chompers

Zane on one of his cruising routes. He’s getting pretty fast and sure of step. Last night I put him down on this cruise track and he was zipping back and forth from one end of the couch to the other. It was like he was purposely working to tire himself in time for bed (it worked!).

Was it only this weekend that I mentioned how ideal this time was, that Zane could neither crawl or walk fast enough to get into trouble? Yeah, that was fun while it lasted. Faith spent part of yesterday moving the cat food, plants, pots, and gadgets off of the kitchen plant stand after Zane had managed to zip over and get into the cat food. Where two days ago he’d crawl a few feet an hour he’s now down to seconds.

We took him on a short bike ride yesterday using the bike trailer Jenna, JJ, & Andy gave him. Unlike the last time, in July, he can actually hold his head up and sit without requiring a car seat. Zane didn’t seem to know what to make of the ride, mostly staring off into the distance. Maybe it was the grumbling of his parents struggling to peddle their out-of-repair bikes and out-of-condition bodies.

Later I took him on a walk in the jogger. We met Baxter, one of the dogs down the hill (oh, and the people walking him), and Zane just laughed and laughed. He really loves dogs. Funny thing is further down the road I was letting him know that not all dogs are friendly and Zane started laughing again.

Sideways crawl

From yesterday’s webcam: Baby Long Legs.

Baby Long Legs

Ran across a Japanese website that lets you age any photo. Here’s the chomper photo from a century or so back in time.

Chompers, old style