Mr. Bumpz

It’s tough to be a kid. Teeth coming and going, sniffles, and then there’s all of those hard surfaces in the world. Let’s see if I can catalog everything on Zane’s face here.

  • nick on nose: nails got out of hand (mind the pun) again. Speaking of which we finally managed to clip his toenails. I wrestled piglets while helping out at a farm once and they weren’t much tougher, or noisier, than Zane was during the toenail incident.
  • crusted boogers? His nose seldom runs on its own, but when he cries it always joins in on the fun. Lately, if it’s not done just right, he wakes from his naps really sad and weepy.
  • rash, rough skin around mouth. I poked around in his mouth the other day and the top molars and canines seem to be making another push. Teething means off and on slobbering day and night, which leads to the little rash. Pop Quiz: What’s worse than having a tooth forcibly rip a hole into your gum, sending raw agony up your jawline? Why having your parents wipe your face with a damp, soft cloth!
  • eye bump. To the left of his left eye (on your right) he has a little bump. Faith had a Dr. appt so Zane went out to lunch with me and a couple co-workers. As is our normal practice Zane walked around the restaurant after his meal, examining and making cute with the patrons. He got into a staring match with an older lady and, unfortunately, decided to keep walking while looking back at her and walked right into a table.

Not bad for a few day’s into the New Year!

Here’s a movie taken while changing his diaper the other day. On rare occasions he entertains himself, or me, with this back of the throat gurgling. Of course I’m all to happy to join in. If you listen close you’ll hear him say the word gurgle.