Mr. Bubbles

Mr. Bubbles

It was Saturday morning and Faith, still in bed, heard Zane and I chattering and clattering in the kitchen. “They are making me breakfast in bed. How sweet!” Instead we showed up in the bedroom door with a shallow bowl of mush and asked if she wanted to help feed Zane his first solid meal.

I have a video of the event which I hope to post this week. It’s the cutest thing you ever did see: he really liked the rice mush and some of his faces are priceless. Afterwards he didn’t eat much milk for a while and throughout the day and night he seemed to be a little “different.” As in more grunty than usual. As in, “what am I supposed to do with this stuff now?”

We are going to ease him into eating more solids this week, in the evening before he goes to bed, maybe after his bath (although he might need bathing AFTER eating). He gets a bath every couple of days and I’d have to say it is one of his favorite things. I’m judging this by A) he gets all excited when he sees his tub in the bathtub filling with water, B) he’s a non-stop wiggle and giggle and kick-fest when in the tub, and C) he really hates it when you take him OUT of the tub. You are almost guaranteed a perfect evening if you can keep him awake past 6:30pm, give him a nice long bath, snuggle up afterwards with a big bottle of milk while music plays in the background, and then as he nods off slip him into his crib.