Mr. Big Smiles

Just because Zane doesn’t talk much doesn’t mean he’s quiet. He’s a bag full of squeals, wooaaaoooaaa’s, raspberries, laughing, sound effects, and an occasional heartbreaking cry. When he’s having fun the house is full of really loud (quite piercing actually) squeals of delight. Luckily I was already losing my hearing, but it’s gotta be tough on Faith. “:^)

As you can see all of the bottom teeth are out, although one on the right (your left) is taking its sweet time. Ditto for a few of the top teeth: they are out, but not setting any records for emerging fully. I can’t even tell if he’s at least able to chew using what’s there. The bottom molars are pretty darn sharp so maybe they help with grinding larger chunks?

If you’ve been worried about his hair, here’s a shot that shows he’s hiding it all in the back…