Mother's Day Train

First off: a Mother’s Day Train? Who came up with that idea, a two-year old? Mom we love you SOOOOO much we’re going to take you on a special train ride so you can chase us around a moving train for two hours. Weeee!

Friday night Zane’s nose started running, pretty much non-stop. By Saturday morning he had milky green boogers and a nice, juicy cough. By Saturday mid-day he’d managed to give it to his Mom or they’d gotten it at the same time and she took a bit longer to succumb. Faith woke up Sunday after not much sleep and not feeling well at all. Still, she put on her best happy face (and my winter jacket) so we could all go out and enjoy a Mother’s Day Train ride.

It goes without saying that Zane enjoyed his Mother’s day present immensely. While Faith sat and sneezed and blew her nose Zane and I walked the train. And walked, and walked, and walked. I’m pretty sure we set some world record for number of miles walked on a moving train. Zane enjoyed looking at all of the nuts and bolts of the train as well as stopping to stare at people from time to time. He met a little boy around his age who’d brought trucks, which was good for a ten minute break in the action.

A short movie taken at the very start of the trip.

Oh, and one thing more. While Zane seemed to be feeling much better on Sunday (or Train rides trump being sick) he did have a fair bit of green goo coming out of his nose, especially towards evening. We’ve been working on having him blow his nose into a tissue. Last night he came up with a new game, blowing boogers out of his nose without the tissue (great, green boogers of doom!) and then laughing. It was very cute and very funny. And since we laughed with him he did it even more. Yeah it was gross, but he also managed to pretty much empty his sinuses out and it didn’t involve any nose-sucking devices and tears of horror.