Mother's Day 2011

For Mother’s day we went on a family bike ride down the rails-to-trails. A beautiful day for everyone’s first bike ride of the year. And while Zane didn’t pedal anything he had a lot of fun, giggling when we went over bumpy, zig-zaggy sections or when his Mom and Dad raced each other (Faith took him on a trike ride later).

Here’s a shot from the day before. When all else fails, and the weather’s nice, you can put him out in the sandbox and he’ll play for an hour or so. Last year’s gazebo was great, keeping the sun and bugs off of him while he played. Unfortunately the manufacturing quality of things these days is horrible: none of the fabric or tie down ropes were resistant to UV and it barely lasted the season. We’re getting a new one (hopefully better) in time for his birthday party this weekend.