Mother and Child

The Snoozers

It’s not all fun and games around here…sometimes you just gotta collapse on your Ma.

Faith and Zane spend time in the family room most afternoons, crawling on the carpet (I think just Zane does this, but who knows?), playing with toys, reading books, and working out. It’s a mommy workout and Zane is the weight set. She bench presses the baby and does cutey curls, while Zane gets to “fly” in exchange.

So, you are asking, how much can Faith bench press? I was wondering the same thing and weighed him during a diaper change last night. Totally naked and totally snuggly he comes in at 15.2 lbs. Woo hoo, he’s even got some baby fat! Not only is he getting rice cereal once a day now but he’s also drinking more milk. Yesterday he ate over 900 ml (30oz), readily beating his Mom in the production vs. consumption challenge. Little does he know that Faith has been stashing away extra milk in the freezer, like a squirrel getting ready for winter.

I mentioned yesterday how aware he’s been and last night Faith agreed that over the last week (coinciding with solids perhaps?) he’s really taken off. Not just mentally, but physically as well. When you hold him he gives you big hugs and squeezes and during belly time he keeps his upper torso upright most of the time. Watching his legs fidget and “walk” while I was feeding him last night I had a sudden flash of insight that maybe he’s going to have my nervous energy.

God help us all…

Smile with curly tongue