More Standing

Standing, side view

A different perspective on the other day’s standing photo. Still with the great fly away hair. This is his standing activity/learning center, another great hand-me-down from Tyler. There’s a little picture window in the middle that scrolls to show letters of the alphabet with a corresponding object, like “T” and a Turtle. The various knobs and buttons and wheels trigger things related to the letter: a rotating drum on the radio causes the object’s sound to play (although some objects, like Quilt, are a giggles and the Turtle is someone saying “do dee do”), turning the color palette wheel says the object’s color, and the car horn repeats the object’s name while the shifter changes to the next or previous letter. One section has a door, which he loves to flap back and forth.

He’s learning the alphabet AND how to drive!

This activity center is what Zane cruises around, or at least that’s what our doctor called it. He stands and over time walks completely around it without any assistance. Just like when he started sitting for the first time we’ve been laying out pillows to catch him when he falls, but last night he made the whole 360° circuit without falling at all.