More, Snake?

Yesterday we visited the gardener snakes living in the pump housing near our pond. After they slithered and swam away, Zane used the sign for more and kept repeating, “More, Snake?”

He’s a real talker these days. In the morning, before Faith goes in to get him, he wanders around the room reading books and playing with things keeping an almost non-stop dialog going with himself. He’s also repeating things we say, everything getting a tiny question mark at the end.

Last night was another concert in the park, this time the talented Sierra Hull and her band. Zane actually sat and listened with me for a while, “danced” with some nearby kids, and didn’t wander away for almost half an hour…quite an accomplishment. He’s totally into popcorn at these events so I finally bought a bag to keep him from stealing it from other people or just eating spilled kernels off of the ground.

When we got home he had his first popsicle. Dubious at first, he soon decided that they were a good thing. I half expected him to fall asleep saying “More popsicles and snakes?”

Our friend Ted was somewhere in the audience and took this paparazzi shot of us.