More Sand than Sun

While it has only been sporadically sunny lately, that hasn’t kept our intrepid sandbox kid from having some fun. Typical Dad Q&A with Zane:

Do you want to go outside? “No…”
Do you want to go for a walk? “No…”
Do you want to go ride your trike? “No…”
Do you want to go play in the sandbox? “YES!”

He’s found a few earthworms in there and after looking them over we put them into more hospitable soil. The sand is still a bit damp, I’ll either to make a better cover than the current tarp or get our gazebo back up again. Still, it’s so great to be outside in the fresh air again.

Oh, and last night we went and looked at the pond. It finished thawing out in the past week and not only did all of the fish survive, but there’s a huge contingent of frogs! After one night of much croaking our pond now has five big clumps of fresh frog eggs, which Zane enjoyed looking at and speculating over.