More Adventure

In addition to the weekend camping and train extravaganza (movie below) the three of us headed to Billings Farm & Museum on Tuesday for a more agriculturally focused outing. Zane got to pet cows and sheep and horses, along with seeing crazy looking chickens (with elephant bell “pants”) and walk around their apple orchard. He was most interested in watching when a cow went to the bathroom. Hmm, how to explain that: babies go in diapers, big boys and parents go in the toilet, and cows go all over the place!

Speaking of which I’ve started putting Zane onto toilets wherever we go to get him used to the whole concept. The other day he sat on the toilet at home and even pushed and grunted for a while (with encouragement and sound effect help). Nothing came out, but it sure sounded like it should have!

A few new Zane observations. Last night he was eating his food and saying something, while moving his hands. This is a problem because we often can’t quite understand what it is, which is frustrating to him. Luckily I figured it out: when he held his food up high he was saying “airplane” and then he’d hold it low and say “car”, which I thought was a pretty darn impressive bit of deduction on his part. Then a little later I caught him lining up food in a row and counting. He counted up to nine and sure enough he had nine pieces. I added a tenth thinking he’d do it again, but he’s no trained monkey and instead started moving them around to make shapes. Zane and I often count his remaining food and arrange them to make letters. Last night we made cheese and carrot rockets!

Click the image below for a short movie of highlights from the camping trip, although most of it is trains.