Nothing new to report on the Zaney front other than him sprouting a set of antlers while I was away at work. But he’s cool with it.

Today let’s go behind the scenes of the production to find out how all of the “magic” really happens! The picture below shows a key view of Zane Central.

Zane Central

First off there’s the star of our show reposing in his crib after a tricky antler removal procedure. The crib and changing table beside it were given to us by Dwight ‘n’ Gayle and their three boys … it’s certainly seen some use! The crib sports the latest in baby-cam technologies, thanks to his Henricksen Grandparents. Changing table is decked out with gDiapers, wipes, changing pads, baby wraps, and a wide variety of things we haven’t used but may some day (like binkies). A diaper bucket is positioned to collect #1 diapers, which are eventually mulched (#2’s get flushed).

Next up is an old end table with an LCD borrowed from Barry and a Mac Mini tucked below it in the shadows. This is our data collection unit and also quite handy for Mom or Dad to look up baby symptoms, song lyrics, or trips to exotic lands that we aren’t taking. Also littering the table: eye goop, thermometer, lanolin, phone, and Nosefrida. Faith is wary of the nosefrida, but I use it to suck baby snot whenever I get the chance. Easy to use and best of all you can see the boogers coming out. Yeehaw!

The pumping station is next, sporting a backpack version of the venerable breastpump. If you are ever out enjoying the sunshine and life and wondering where Faith might be, look no further than right here. Not shown is the optional metal chain that keeps her from escaping. The fridge stores milk, pump parts, and sometimes an emergency beer.

Finally in the far left corner we see the couch. I bought this from Linda at the FAA in Bangor some 20+ years ago for twenty five bucks. It’s ratty, questionably styled (under the cover), but it sure is comfortable when you need a place to collapse. The My Brest Friend from Becky & Chris sits atop. Faith uses it from time to time, but since Zane had his own plans in the feeding department it hasn’t been able to fulfill its true destiny.

Baby books on the shelf above and jammed in other nooks throughout the room. Out of frame is a closet and dresser chock full of baby clothes, mostly from Janet, Paul & Tyler with a few from friends and family. Oh, and let us not forget the one thing we’ll really be using in the coming month(s): window air conditioner! Baby Zane sure hates being a hot, sweaty wiggler. The crib and changing table have waterproof pads on them, which are great for containing surprises but I think they also tend to contain and reflect heat back to the baby’s body. So even though the rest of him is dry and comfy his back can be hot and sweaty. They have all kinds of breathable waterproof gear for jackets and outdoor clothing, I wonder if it’s made the leap into baby gear yet?

Thanks for joining us. We hope you’ll join us on the next show when we take a wild and wooly ride through the baby’s gastrointestinal tract in our new baby pill cam!