Moody Blue

Last night we had broiled chicken, rice, steamed veggies, and sushi! Well, at least Zane did. He likes the little avocado sushi, we probably won’t introduce him to raw fish for a few years. He ate a bunch and then starting getting distracted. We should probably just end the meal there, but sometimes you can get more food into him and we are always trying for that. The risk is that he turns on ya, getting mad or sad. Usually it’s because you moved a box on the table, or pulled a peel off the banana or something horrible like that. Tears well up, lower lip projected, and that’s pretty much the end of the meal.

Or he’ll hear a truck drive by, the cat will come to the door, or a bird will land on the deck and he’s happy and sunny again.

Last night I went to put him to bed after a big snack. We brushed his teeth no problem, sat down to read and he didn’t want to hear the book I’d picked up. In fact he grabbed it and threw it, giving me a defiant look. Uh, ok buddy, go get a book you want. Which usually works but he couldn’t come up with one. So I started trying different books and he got more upset. He also didn’t want to be put in bed, crying “book, book” and yet no book would work. Eventually I calmed him enough for sleep.

I think it was 1:30 in the morning that he started crying. Faith went in to calm him and as I drifted back to sleep I kept hearing, “book book!”

He was happy and entertaining himself this morning. Reading books, playing with toys, and taking his potty apart. Then mom came in and started dressing him. I must have missed the turning point, but he got upset at something. The photo below is the altercation in progress, as he flung clean clothes out of his drawers in protest.