Money Matters

Like most kids, Zane really likes imagining all of the toys that he NEEDS TO HAVE NOW! Which, is pretty much all of them. But sometimes he sees one that sticks and he thinks about it a lot. Like the play-doh Dentist kit. He’s been wanting this for a long time and we suggested that he save up his money from feeding the dog and other chores so he can buy it. Well, as chance would have it, Faith and Zane were at the store and not only did they see the kit, but it was on sale for almost five bucks off! Zane weighed if he wanted to spend his savings on it or not, they bought it, then he paid his mommy for it when they got home.

And who got up first thing this morning and started filling cavities in play-doh teeth? Why, Dr. Early DDS, of course!