Monday Concert

Lebanon is a pretty nice town. This time of year they have one or two events in the center of town “green” each week. Monday night’s are usually some music event, with local bands or singers. Last night was a band/orchestra performance but before they assembled the cast from the musical Faith is in sang a few songs. Zane and I were already on the green, spending time between the two swings (they need to expand!) and the water fountain. When a whole bunch of people started walking up to the stage I told Zane, “hey, maybe your mommy is with them?” After which he started saying “Mom-meee” (his particular style of inflection). Sure enough she joined the crown and Zane started walking towards her, even after she was up on the stage. Not dissuaded he proceeded to try climbing the stairs and joining the cast, and wasn’t very happy when his Dad escorted him away. Even when they were singing he was mostly interested in trying to escape me to join his Mom.

After that we saw Faith for a few seconds: Zane got a hug and was ready to move onto something else. We stayed and listened to the band…but not in one place, mind you. The evening was topped off when Zane made his way to the front steps of the nearby senior home to “talk” to and indirectly entertain some of the seniors out listening to the show. “He’s pretty skinny,” remarked one. “Give me five,” encouraged another, and he did.