Mom & Dad

Zane with his Mom and Dad

First off I’d like to go on record as saying that Faith has some sort of nigh-invicible force field that makes it nearly impossible to photograph her. I suspect that she’s in the witness protection program and they’ve implanted an obfuscation device (this makes sense on so many levels!).

Night off from the opera so we had an impromptu family night: well, in between Faith doing dishes, me mowing, and some scattered eating by all parties. Zane got a little fussy and we played hot-potato with him, enough so to keep him confused and unable to focus on a serious cry. Tag team!

We went for a walk as the evening light began to fade (thus the blurry Mom shot) and met our newest neighbors. Zane was particularly engaging, with smiles and chirps all around, at least he was until we exceeded the inactivity limit. He’s a mover and as long as you keep things going nobody gets fussy, but dawdle for a bit and leave the baby un-jiggled and that’s all she wrote. Even a slight rocking back and forth of his stroller/grocery cart/jogger is enough to keep him occupied (or sleeping).