Me 'n Grandma

Zane is really enjoying having his Grandma around this Winter. For one it gives him yet another person to try bossing around (where people sit at dinner being a classic example) but it’s also another person who likes to read him books, and there’s never enough of those. Having another person around also means Zane gets to switch between who he wants to dress him, put him on the potty, and feed him. Since he’s also in his “NO” phase … he says it all of the time but doesn’t recognize it as a word from us … he also gets to try all of his wily ways on someone new.

Last night I looked around at everyone’s faces towards the end of the evening (i.e. 7:30pm) and could see that the dueling, drooling combo of two year old and eleven month puppy had pretty much worn out all three of the adults.

Phil’s also been helping out with the puppy, which probably qualifies her for sainthood in some religion.