Frazzle Top

Zane and I went to Wednesday night mommy get together. Met some old friends (in relative terms) and a new baby in the group who is a year old and sixteen pounds (despite looking kind of chubby in these photos Zane is still hovering around 18.2 lbs). Zane chowed down on sourdough bread, spread pasty bread putty on chairs and clothes, and then walked his way over to a group of older ladies in a book club and played with their hearts for a while.

At home I fed him dinner and tried Ellen’s suggestion of asking if he wanted a bath. He smiled, but that was about it. As the bath gear was being put together he got the connection and started flapping his arms. Another great bath was had by all and we composed the following:

In the time before I was born,
When I sailed a placenta sea,
It was a happy and carefree life,
In my belly submarine,

Then it started getting cramp’d,
No leg room, nothing to see,
I was pushed into the light,
out of the belly submarine,

We all lived in a belly submarine,
belly submarine, belly submarine,
We all lived a belly submarine,
belly submarine, belly submarine.

Not being able to top that we went back to the family room and Zane cruised. He fell down once, which required a fair bit of dad snuggling to recover from, and then back to cruising and cup disorganizing.

Faith had the night off, out with the ladies, so it was up to me to entertain and put the baby to bed. While getting him ready I found the magnetic monkey on the bed and thought to myself, “Hmm, too bad there isn’t an metal I-beam in Zane’s room.” There is a light fixture and sure enough the metal end bolts are ferrous enough for monkey business.

I then promptly forgot it until Zane was halfway through a bottle of milk and looked up. A big smile lit his face (i.e. milk poured out of his mouth) and he stared at it. I pointed and said “Monkey” and he gestured his hand towards it. Whenever I’d say Monkey he’d look up and marvel. I even turned a reggae song that was playing into one about a Monkey on the ceiling, much to his delight.

It must have also been the first time he’s been put into bed at night without making noise or fuss. He just laid there on his back, captivated by the monkey on the ceiling.

Side view