Mass Birthday Party

A couple of the parents organized a birthday party yesterday for, well, essentially all of the kids in our group who have had or will have a birthday. Maybe “Kids of 2007” would be an apt title for the birthday party. Potluck, lots of toys, and over ten kids (if you count the new infants). Like all such parties we attempted to organize a group photo (there are a few “handlers” on the couch helping to keep some in place). I didn’t remember to bring the camera with a flash so that’s the best snapshot I got of the gang. None of them captured Zane sitting, because, that’s not what he does these days.

The big event though was the running of the bulls, er, cupcakes. A big table cloth was spread on the floor and all of the kids placed on it with their own frosting ladened cupcake. Pretty much universally they all ate the frosting off and extended the topless cupcake to their parents, saying “more cake?” I checked out Zane’s and he managed to remove all of the frosting without so much as nicking the cake top. Truly talented.