The Many Sides Of Zane

Many Zanes

“Out-takes” from Zane’s turkey shoot the other day. And,for those of you who want even MORE, I’ve saved a larger version of this collage right here (500kb, Control (mac) or Right (win) click link to download to disk) that you can print, turn into wall paper, or study with a magnifying glass in search of tooth buds.

A couple points of interest from this weekend. First off Zane and I were out at a *mart picking up diapers and in line ahead of us was a baby in a backpack. The mom turned around and smiled at Zane in his car seat (sporting pooh jumper-suit complete with ears-on-hood).

“Yes, Margaret outgrew the car seat.”

“Oh, really? Zane is about done with this one. How old is she?”

“Five Months.”


“She’s about twenty pounds now.”


I mean, what can you say to that? What does she eat? Well, obviously everything and all of the time. Not only was little Margaret in the top percentile of her peer weight group, but also in height as well. Perhaps wrestling, too. Meanwhile Zane was reposing in his seat contemplating what side of seventeen pounds he wants to be this week.

Yesterday we went to a baby get-together and had a fantastic time. Zane was the elder of the group, the rest of the gang in the neighborhood of a couple weeks to a month and a half younger. On the other hand most of them were sporting some teeth. All of the babies were working on sitting upright without help, while Zane showed off his preference for standing. All of the babies seemed like they were going to tip over backwards each time they looked up at the spinning ceiling fan.

My conversations at these outings are a bit monotonous and predictable: mostly comparing sleep habits, types of solid foods, teeth and other baby bodily functions. Oh, and playing with the toys…for scientific purposes, of course.