Many Changes

Once you turn six, everything changes! He’s reading books, can write some, has big ideas on how everything works or how to invent new things, and the DOT guys think he should be an engineer.

But first off, what about that bunk bed? Years ago, two and a half to be precise, I brought home his new bunkbed. The rule being, no top bunk until you turn six, which at the time was FOREVER away. Since turning six Zane has remembered it a couple times, saying “hey, what about the bunk bed?” and I’d say, “It’s all yours, you just need to get some sheets on it.” One evening he realized that I wasn’t stalling him and that, hey, let’s get some sheets! So the bed was made up, I moved things around a bit so that he could get to the ladder on the end, and now he looks like this each morning.

One thing this six year old doesn’t do is ride a bike much. Which is somewhat ironic since his daddy goes mountain biking almost every day. When he and I go out and about town, with scooter and bike in tow, it’s always the scooter that he wants to use. The biking we do accomplish is short and wobbly, he’s leaning to one side or the other on a training wheel too much. Maybe I traumatized him taking him mountain biking that one time?

Which is why I was really surprised yesterday when we finally talked him into riding his bike on the driveway and he asked for the training wheels to be removed. He had a surety of purpose as if the wheels were the only thing holding him back. OK. Not to discourage him, I took them off and wouldn’t you know it the first time he tried he went all the way down to the end of the driveway. He’s even made the turn by the house once.

Here’s a short movie of one of the rides. He still needs some help getting started, but once he’s going he is sure and stable. The turn area is a bit difficult since it’s up a soggy embankment (I think kelp is growing there).