Manicure and a Movie

Actually he’s probably watching the Backyardigans or Thomas the Tank Engine, before that it was the learning game Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. You can really get a lot done if he’s otherwise occupied: be it the iPad, a new truck, or some fidgety kind of gizmo to explore.

On the drive home from the grandparents the other day we hit a small traffic jam at a tollbooth. “Geesh, looks like everyone is here,” I exclaimed. From the back seat came a little voice, “Amara… Jonah… Ben… May… Zoe… Jonas…” That’s a pretty good grasp of the concept of everybody. Speaking of grasping concepts, last night before bed I washed a bunch of raspberries for him to eat. It was a great big bowl and as he was idly munching them down both his mom and I tried to get a raspberry. “No!” and he’d grab it back possessively. When he was down to the last few I asked for just one. He smiled and dramatically ate the rest of them!

Kids are so rude…