Looking for Darth

Laura and Zane, National Cathedral

At the National Cathedral with Laura looking for the Darth Vader gargoyle. We never did spot it, despite much neck crooking and creaking. Since Zane doesn’t understand “up” he wasn’t burdened with trying to find it.

That was the day I put on his dog outfit. It’s a one piece jumpsuit which is normally pretty handy, especially when it’s diaper changing time. Its failing is, as you can see, the legs tend to ride up when he’s in a Baby Björn. A problem when it is cold and blustery. I had a grandmotherly type chide me to “cover that baby’s legs” when I got off the tour trolley while carrying him. For his part Zane didn’t seem to mind at all and I spent most of the time with my hands covering his exposed flesh.

BTW, as the picture clearly illustrates, Zane appears to have inherited his crazy fingers from his Aunt.