Long Weekends

I know there’s a picture of Zane in these boots either a year or two back, but I can’t find it right now. Either way, he’s grown more into the boots since then. update: Laura found it, the first snow in November 2007

Over the holiday I had the great idea of rearranging Zane’s room. The first time I simply exchanged locations of dresser and changing table, something Faith suggested, oh, maybe half a year ago to keep him from climbing up and messing with the window. No more problem with the window, but within minutes he figured out that the light switch was now readily accessible. I went in to get him dressed one morning only to find the light on and Zane sitting in a corner, reading. When I opened the door he looked up from his book, pointed, and said “Light. On.” It kind of went downhill from there, especially during nap time.

The next location seems a bit safer and so far he hasn’t come up with any “bad” uses of the changing table. On Saturday, after lunch, he was in his room a good two hours before normal nap time. I thought Faith had put him in there but she told me that he had shut himself in the room. “It’s too early for a nap,” she added, “you gonna go get him?” Well, he seemed to be doing fine so I left him alone. Within fifteen minutes he’d found a new use for the changing table and within a half hour was sound asleep.