Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn.
The sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn.
Where is the boy that looks after the sheep?
“He’s under the haycock, fast asleep.”
Will you wake him? “No, not I;
For if I do, he’ll be sure to cry.”

Zane’s sleep is getting back to normal after the holiday trip. He was out of whack most of the trip: not napping on the way down, waking up in the middle of the night two out of the four nights, and having a really hard time going to sleep most of them. It’s probably more than a little self-centered, but we sure do love it when baby sleeps regularly and always worry that we “broke him irreparably” or something when he doesn’t. He seems to be settling back into his old schedule, albeit shifted a little later.

I took Zane out to Mommies get-together (Faith had her own night out) last night. I quit using the baby carriage a few months ago so we usually walk everywhere, with me lugging him across busy parking lots or when he stubbornly wants to go the wrong way. When we get into the restaurant (Pannera Bread in this case) he gets to wander free-style for a while, which is always fun to watch. He was wound up like a ten year clock last night, zipping everywhere and babbling exuberantly. One of the other kids was only nine months old and the contrast between the two was remarkable. Hard to remember that it wasn’t all that long ago.

Highlights from last night:

  • Whenever I let him roam, Zane kept walking up to a guy working on his computer, stopping to stare and/or smile at him. One time when the guy was lost in thought, ipod plugged into his head, Zane pounded on the seat to get his attention. Hmm, not sure we should encourage that.
  • A brother and sister were running around the store, the younger girl was probably five or so and fascinated Zane for some reason. Later when I let him wander the store he found her waiting in line with her family and he walked right up to her, stopped, and stared. A lady nearby said he was starting early with the girls. The girl was pretty stunned.
  • I don’t remember seeing it before but last night he was standing on one leg sometimes. Kind of a, hey, look at me!
  • Zane showed off his patented noise technique on the restaurant vinyl bench seats. Baby Omara seemed to think it was funny. Not sure if the other patrons shared the sentiment.
  • He loves him some lemon. I gave him a slice and he contentedly sat and nibbled it, making a few faces but also making lots of happy smacky-lip sounds. Probably his most serious, calm period of the evening.
  • We got home, parked in the garage, and walked together across the dark driveway. His little car is parked outside the family room and despite the dark he crawled onto it and looked up expectantly, let’s go for a ride!