Lil' Nibbler

Zane picked a chive blossom and nibbled on it while we wandered around the yard. He’s going to be a real New Englander, “Ayup, looks like them pricka bushes gonna take over your back door yahd.”

Have I mentioned that Zane is potty trained. Poof just like that. Yesterday towards the end of lunch he even said, “Daddy, Zane needs to go potty?” And sure enough he went #1 and #2. He hadn’t gone #2 the day before so all morning I’d been sticking him on potties wherever we went, sure that he was going to let go in his pants at any moment. But, no, he did a really good job all by himself. Now when I put him on the potty he’ll say “iPad?” and I’ll say, wait until after you pee. He’ll smile, concentrate, and pee right then. I’m thinking of sending the new logo to Apple for consideration, iPee for iPad.

His imagination has really been taking off along with everything else. We may not always know what he’s talking about but most likely it’s not because we don’t understand the words he’s using as much as the concept he’s describing. Last night one of the things I read from the big story book was a poem about a Ghost Train. Basically some kids riding an amusement ride that featured ghosts, skeletons, and so forth. After we were done reading he perked up with, “Zane needs ghost train.” I suggested he could make one with his train set, but he countered that we’d get it out of the garage. “I’m pretty sure there’s no train in the garage.” But he was convinced that either there was or that he would be making one. As I kissed him goodnight and turned to leave he urged, “Daddy, go find ghost train?” Uh, let me go check with mommy…

It’s kind of like his supposition that everything can be fixed by a tow truck. Broken down cars, broken plates, probably even downed branches from trees should all call a tow truck. Meanwhile his post-pee iPad youtube exploration has uncovered a large collection of working model trucks and equipment (how does he find these??). A favorite yesterday was a remote controlled semi-truck (a couple feet long) driving across a dirt road that ended up stuck in the mud. Instead of the hobbyist plucking it out, he backed a model dump truck up to it, hooked up a tow “chain” and then pulled it out with the remote control.