Life is a blur

I’m not sure if there was something in his food, the proximity of Jupiter, or simply the beautiful Fall day we had, but Zane was wild kid yesterday. Not just running around and into everything, but talk, talk, talk kid as well. We went outside and these are the best photos I could get: between low light and fast moving kid. My job was to keep him occupied while his mom did some painting. Around 7 as it was getting dark he was crawling all over me and said something like, “Is it bed time?” and I was instantly on that with “Yes, let’s get ready!” I think he realized it wasn’t, but since he hadn’t sat still long enough for an afternoon nap he was probably actually ready even though it was an hour early. Right up until Faith turned the lights out he was completely wiggly and giggly. After the light was out, snuggling with Faith, he was asleep in minutes.

Here’s an art project they made in pre-school. Faith and I thought it was an apple on a stick until Zane demonstrated it was a worm!