Let's Play

Looking over this photo from the end of the Halloween party I realized that in general two year olds don’t really play together. They may vie for the same toy, play near one another, but no cooperative play. I guess one exception would be when Zane and Jonah run through the playground screaming their heads off.

I picked up a couple DVDs from the library yesterday: I DIG DIRT & The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. At the beginning of the Dig video he made a few comments as they showed bulldozers and excavators, but pretty soon he was entirely overwhelmed by the HUGE trucks and digging equipment and explosions.

After the show was over he turned to me, stunned, his eyes wide, and didn’t say a word. It was like he was in a trance. I had NO IDEA there were that many trucks! While changing his diaper a few minutes later I started worrying that he was hypnotized or something: his eyes were still wide and he merely mumbled exclamations about trucks.

The great pumpkin was less dramatic, at least on him. He liked Snoopy, for sure, and started laughing as Snoopy blew a leaf in the air over and over until it reached the pile of leaves.

While his eating has gone downhill lately we’ve made great progress on the potty front. Sunday before the party I got him up from his nap and onto the potty where he peed right away. Yesterday morning his Grandma took him to the big people potty after he woke up and he peed there for the first time. Even better, he also had his very first pee on the potty break at pre-school.