Let's Go Everywhere

Time to start Saturday, little buddy, time for Zane and Dad’s day out. Hey, luckily the crib is a rectangle or you would have outgrown it. And what’s that foot think it’s doing?

For our big day out we went to the pet store and wandered the hundreds of fish tanks and the bird room (no dogs/cats anymore, sniff). Then we walked a block or so to the big store and walked even more inside where it was nice and warm; making sure someone’s little legs got plenty of exercise while that same someone’s curious eyes were also duly occupied. Exercise taken care of we headed home and to the backyard for sledding, where Zane mostly sat and grinned and giggled and hoped not to be dumped into the snow. A quick lunch (homemade burritos) and then it was off to take a nap for both of us.

He’s definitely teething. Lots of hand chewing and lots of slobber. At one point I tried to move aside an upper gum to get a glimpse and he took that as an open invitation to chew my hand. Uh, no thanks buddy.

Forgot to mention on the previous day’s lunch outing he did some crayon drawing. He also took a nibble of one, leaving a bottom tooth somewhat green, but for a few minutes he was making squiggles and wiggles on the paper. His Aunt JJ and family sent out some neat bathtub crayons for Christmas and he’s been drawing more and more with them. Faith was saying he snuck away with one and went down the hall, drawing along the way. They wash off easy in the tub, we’ve yet to verify hallway erasability.

As you can see below he got another letter from Aunt Laura, which he studied carefully. Apparently there’s a rule in Zaneland that you can’t leave star stickers stuck on things. And, Sis, what’s up with the four legged chicken?