Let's Go

Another shot from our big Saturday outing and the movie below is from the hike Zane took right after we got home. Maybe he just wore himself out, because he sure isn’t feeling much better. The fever rises and falls through the day and night, last night it got up to 104 and we were cooling him down with icy hands (I’d put my hands on an icy block and then cool parts of his head with it). It was a long night for everyone.

Feeding him has been tough. Faith made a veggie-chicken soup which he ate pretty well around noon. For dinner I had all kinds of food variety out for him, including the soup, and all I could get into him was a little nibble from each one. His fever was rising and he was groaning plaintively. I’m thinking to myself, “he needs something cold and refreshing.”

Call me a bad dad if you will, but he ate a whole bunch of vanilla mint ice cream…

Let’s test your vision and identification abilities with this morning’s video. At around 39 seconds into the movie something light blue flies across the screen, from upper right to lower left. Even with the original, uncompressed movie I can’t really make out what it is. Dragonfly? Blue bird of Happiness?