Let me tell ya...

The Look

Zane is definitely, 100% for sure, absolutely, maybe, possibly teething. He spends most of his time chewing his hand (the whole thing!), his thumb, a blanket, Mom’s shirt, Dad’s nose, and anything else that gets within range. There’s also the issue of drool. After carrying Zane for any period of time you will be guaranteed a nice, big wet spot on your shoulder.

Nothing peeking out of the gums yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear about it.

We hear lots of things now. Zane keeps rediscovering his voice and trying it out. Feeding him the bottle last night I pulled it away for a moment to check the level and he reached out both hands to grab it and exclaimed “gaaa!” When there’s music on in the car he seems to be trying to sing along at times.

Oh, and then there was Saturday night.

Faith was off meeting old high school chums. I was getting ready to pop Zane into the tub and had him on the changing table removing his clothes. Slid the shirt over his head, he squealed and I made some sound back and grinned. He looked up at me and said, “Geek.”

That’s it, just the one word, and he smiled like crazy.

“You didn’t call me a geek did you?”

And he busted up laughing like you wouldn’t believe. I’d ask him again and he’d laugh even harder.

Faith thinks his first word was “momma” back a few months ago when he was saying “muh” a lot, and that may be true. At least I have the honor of first derogatory remark.

For those of you following his hair (is it red? is there any? how big IS that kid’s head?) here’s a close-up.

The Hair