Leaping Lizards

Faith and Zane drove down to the New York Grandparent’s house yesterday and these were a couple photos while Zane and I were “packing.” I did manage to get him to help carry some of his books to the car, but then when I looked back to see how he was doing I found the books laying in the grass and the kid off on an adventure somewhere else. He was driving a bus on the exterior of the van. Then it was time to run and jump off of the wall, all the while making his new “gnew gnew gnew” high pitched chirping sound. Not sure where he picked it up or what it means as it doesn’t sound like anything in particular. But he can do it for a half hour or more, as if it’s his theme song or something.

The bus was won the day before at the Cornish Fair in a little shooting gallery, if I remember correctly. Faith had taken him and they had a blast, seeing lots of animals, tractors, trailers and even a helicopter (which Zane claims wasn’t loud).

He’s looking really tall these days, I’m not sure what it is. I did a quick height check the other day and he’s about the same as last month, as is his weight. Giggle quotient is high. Really high. He’s a very pleasant little boy and just loves to laugh, in between periods of severe curiosity, of course.

The other night we went out on the deck to look at the moon. “Somebody did something with the moon?” was his comment after seeing the half full moon hanging in the sky. One evening we went out on the deck to watch the baby deer eating apples. Zane does not understand the concept of being quiet or being sneaky, so of course the deer ran off into the woods. “I will chase it!” he declared and down the steps he went, Daddy in tow. His concept of chasing doesn’t involve any urgency and we wandered around the yard somewhat aimlessly trailed by a constant stream of “what is this doooooing?” type of comments. In the woods Zane kept asking where the deer were and I kept trying to get him to whisper or not talk at all. We sat by a tree and tried to be invisible. Even though we heard some nearby rustling they never got any closer because Zane would pop up with, “Daddy? Where is deer?” I’d say, “Shhhh…” and he’d giggle.

I was hoping the deer would eventually feel sorry for us and walk by just once. No luck.