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We went out to dinner last night over at Simba’s place (which also happens to be home to Pat and Todd). Pat made a great meal and I wandered around burping/bouncing/entertaining the baby in an attempt to keep him on the happy edge of the brink. He’s had some humdingers the previous two evenings and I wanted to stave that off. It worked and we had a truly delicious meal with good company.

I haven’t been through the starting phases of teething before so I’m not sure if Zane’s starting to teeth or if he’s developed a chewing fixation. My brother Chris said that all (5!) of his kids started teething really early. Zane doesn’t always do it, but there’s certainly a half dozen times during the day when he’ll be gnawing his little knuckles off or chowing down on Dad’s fingers.

Oh, and he’s starting to understand english. Really! I always talk to him in complete sentences (as opposed to when I talk to my Sister) as if he understands and I swear that Zane is catching some of it and responding accordingly. Not everything, mind you. Notably, “Here, hold the bottle a second…”, “I’ll be there in a minute.”, and “Cheer up!” all zip over his fuzzy little head.