Le Frizz

First off, Happy Birthday to Zane’s Grandpa Glenn and also to his Nebraska friend Zandy. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

And now for the bad news. If you have a weak stomach or are having a snack, you might want to skip reading the rest of this post.

Zane’s been sick for a few days now. First it was a fever for about a day. Nothing else, just a fever, after which he seemed to be much better. But then a half a day after that he got the runs. Not too bad and it lasted a little under a day. Seemed that had all cleared up but then last night before going to bed he threw up. Now sometimes he will cry over something so hard that he eventually throws up, and that seemed to be what happened last night. Lost his cookies and then he seemed fine, slept all night, and woke up this morning in good spirits and had a good breakfast.

We headed out for our every other week dump run. This time we needed to swing by the office and pick up the recycling. While I sorted the bottles and cans Zane stood in the foyer, just kind of wandering around in his big winter jacket. I should have suspected something since he’s usually wandering everywhere and getting into everything.

With the cans and bottles sorted I walked into the foyer to find Zane throwing up. Lots. Everywhere. On everything. Jacket, pants, shoes, and a large swath of carpet. Grabbing some towels I started to wipe him up a bit and clean out his nose. Poor little fella, you could tell he was upset and not feeling well now. And that’s when the smell hit me. “Oh, oh, smells like you need a diaper change too!” I told him, trying to remain cheerful and supportive.

This time of year Zane wears a few layers: a onesie, a long sleeve shirt, some lightweight pants/longjohns, and then regular pants, or in today’s case overalls. I peeled the vomit covered jacket off and then took him into my office to change the diaper. Shoes and overalls off I could start to see that this wasn’t an ordinary diaper change and once the outer shirt was off it was obvious we were doomed. Not only was the diaper completely full, but it had shot all the way up to his armpits and down to his ankles. The most awful, horrible, disgusting stuff you have ever seen or smelled on this or any other planet. I’m running back and forth to the kitchen grabbing larger and larger wads of paper towels and each time I come back into the room almost doubling over from the smell.

For his part Zane remained calm and stayed in one place. Considering how much stuff had come out of both ends of him it’s surprising he was conscious at all! I wiped him down and cleaned him off as best as could be done given the facilities and then dressed him in the few remaining layers of clean clothes. Set about trying to clean up the worst of the foyer area and then we took the caustic trash bag to the dumpster.

Back at the house he got a quick bath, probably the first time he didn’t want one, slipped into some pajamas and then he and I snuggled on the couch while he nibbled plain bread and sipped watered-down juice. Friends of ours say their baby and them had “something nasty” for about a week. So far Faith and I are doing ok (well, I’m pretty nauseous at the moment) and hopefully he’s only got a couple days left of this thing, if that’s what it is.