Laundry Day Helper

Spending a little down time with the iPad. These days he likes to count and often fires up one of the kid math programs. When we read he sometimes will try to say the page number, saying 2 and 3 instead of 23. So I try to help him, explaining how two numbers together like that mean something different, i.e. twenty three. So this discussion last week shouldn’t have surprised me:

What’s 2 minus 1? – “1”
What’s 1 plus 1? – “11”

Friday night after reading books we had the lights off and were talking about the day. He suddenly said, “I didn’t realize that Amara and Lisanne also had play-doh!” That sentence is full of all kinds of surprises:

“I” instead of “Zane”
“didn’t realize” – when did he start realizing? Much less realizing that he hadn’t realized?
“also” – he’s no longer an island

I’ve been working on a new iPad/iPhone app which Zane tests from time to time. Here’s a short video of some extreme beta testing…