Laughing on the outside

I’m not laughing with you, I’m laughing AT you!

Zane at breakfast this morning after pleading: “Daddy, cry? Daddy, cry?” He thinks it is a riot when his dad fakes crying (or yawning or sneezing). This week I’ve been staying at home for an hour or two instead of heading into work at 6am like usual. Do a little work, drink some coffee, and spend a little time with the family. The main downside is that Zane really hates it when I leave.

We don’t know if it changes the tenor of the rest of the day or not, but something sure has. Yesterday he was really wound up. Faith took him to the Montshire and he was everywhere, nonstop, all morning. On the way home he fell asleep but then woke up shortly after coming into the house and that was the end of any hope of sleep. He then had a nuclear powered evening as well. Even at bed time, during the part where we lie quietly in the dark for a couple minutes he was tossing and turning and wiggling. He eventually calmed and slept through the night. At 6:30 this morning, while still dark outside, as his Grandma and I were in the kitchen making coffee Zane blurted out (over the baby monitor): NEMO, NEMO?