Last of the Wyomingites


And then they rode (flew) off into the sunset…

I haven’t taken any Zane photos the past couple of days. Instead of hanging out in the basement office with Zane every morning from 4-8am I’m feeding him, putting him back to bed, and driving in to the office and working. The only images are those I grab from the webcam, like the one below. I don’t know how, but he KNOWS where the camera is and watches it. Is he looking at it when no one is watching?

Feeding Zane at 4am is interesting. He’s not totally awake. You sense that he’s trying to swim his way up to consciousness, but darkness and warm milk conspire to keep him down. Nestled in my arms we rock while he slips back into sleep. On the trip down he flashes little smiles, like silvery minnows. A warm memory of yesterday? A newly invented happy thought? A parting smile for Dad?

Whatever the cause there’s no describing the feeling it gives and the huge smile on my face.

View from the crib