Zane firin’ up his laser beams to blast an unsuspecting passerby with his cuteness ray.

“Hey, why is that baby staring at us?”


“Oh, how CUTE! Let’s give him money and toys.”

Bwaahaaahaa!! The world will be mine!

Zane is saying all kinds of things lately and each day they seem more and more like real words. Yesterday afternoon after drinking milk he was holding the bottle and I asked what it was. I swear he said, “bottle.” Saying something is impressive enough, but that he responded to a question is pretty amazing. He also lets out with ma-mee and da-dee often enough that it’s no longer coincidence or wishful interpretation on our part. The other day he woke up from a nap in his crib and started crying, saying “da-dee ba-by da-dee ba-by” and I knew that was my cue.

He was going crazy on his jumper the other day (well, he goes crazy on it EVERY day) and I caught it in a few photos. Instead of making a roll-over animation I made a very small animated image, but since it goes on and on and on forever I figured it wouldn’t be safe to put on the main page. Click here for your own Dancin’ Zane … if you dare.