Kitchen Showdown

Zane has been feeling much better, all except for a little case of the gimmees. Ok, maybe a medium-sized or kind-sized case of the gimmeees. His current modes of operation are limited to two: pleasant happy fella and so-help-me-I-will-peel-the-paint-off-the-walls-with-my-voice-if-you-don’t-gimmee-that. Well, that’s not totally true, it’s usually not the case that he simply wants something. In fact we often have no idea why he’s losing it or how to make him stop. I’ve had a few almost verified theories, but apparently they were only good for one day so there’s no need in trying to enumerate them.

And we’re still working on the NO word. NO you can’t go in the trash can. NO you can’t stand on top of the kitchen chair and pull things off the table. Like any reasonable almost-2-year-old he stops and considers your request and then sees how far he can push back against it. Below is last night’s NO showdown at the trash can. We’re seeing who blinks first.