Kirk, Christopher, and FuZZy

with Kirk

Garrett respectfully declined to be photographed with (or near) baby Zane because it is a known fact that babies are contaminants or something. For his part I think Christopher was mostly trying to figure out what the big deal is with babies and moms. Kirk is a baby magnet.

Zane hit another milestone yesterday. I put him down on the floor to crawl around for a while, which he did without any complaining. A minute or two later I looked over and he’s sitting there playing with a toy.

“Did you sit him up?” I asked Faith, knowing the answer.


“Well, then, I guess baby Zane is sitting up on his own now.”

After which he demonstrated his technique to us and Aunt Laura, in between complaints about us asking him to try crawling. He is getting better at crawling, but I think he’s ingrained himself to the idea that complaining is an integral step in the process.

He also seems to have learned to mimic. I’ve had a cough for over a week and just as it started subsiding Faith started coughing sporadically. The funny thing is that when she lets loose with a single cough sometimes baby Zane will cough right after her.

with Christopher